The NAATI CCL provides extra points for candidates who wish to settle in Australia with permanent residency. The tutorials prepare students to take the NAATI CCL exam in seven languages: Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Nepali, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. You can only apply for this test if you’re in Australia, and you’ll be able to get those 5 PR gem points. It assesses the candidate’s ability to translate a conversation’s text from English to LOTE (Language Other Than English) and vice versa.

At Bhavishya, we assist you in practicing exam questions and taking mock examinations in order to identify your areas of weakness. The tailored advice and feedback method will assist you in improving your weak areas, allowing you to achieve good results.

NAATI CCL Exam Pattern
You will be required to listen to a recording and interpret and translate it in the NAATI CCL Test. The topics are based on real-life events in Australian society. This recording must be sent from LOTE to English or from English to LOTE.

Each recording has two dialogues to be translated and interpreted, each with 300 words and unique parts of 35 words, and all of this must be completed in half an hour. Each dialogue is worth 45 points and to pass the NAATI CCL, you must score 63 points out of a total 90.



We have been through the application process many times with other students, so we can help you prepare your application perfectly.

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