This course is committed to supplying the next generation of nurses and assists communities all around the world in their efforts to improve the quality and safety of patient care. This course offers a career path for registered nurses in a range of healthcare settings.


In both small and large businesses, management strengthens a critical leadership ability to guide a team and their objectives to success. Career in Management courses teach you how to persevere in making strategic and challenging decisions in a variety of cultural contexts.


This course serves as an essential foundation for all types of business expertise. Accounting gives you a wide choice of tools for completing financial and accounting projects for both domestic and international organizations.


This course offers the knowledge and skills necessary for someone to administer and manage information and communication technology. An individual will be capable of conducting information technology-related business analysis.

Commercial Cookery

A love of food that goes beyond just eating has ever been made even more fascinating by a glimpse of art on your decorated plate. A career in commercial cookery enhances your ability to plan, prepare, cook, and serve a range of cuisines while fantasizing about your favorite foods.

Event Management

Event management is a burgeoning industry in a variety of business, government and community sectors. It offers in-depth knowledge for a career in conference, festival, event, function, and sport organization.

Community Service

Providing in-depth understanding assistance, services, and care for individuals in the community who are in need, enhances your abilities in designing plans and program, using legal and ethical findings and principles.

Child Care Education

Building a career working with children is most appreciating as you will be contributing in creating the workforce for future. Seeing young children explore their world is an exciting career journey where you will also be learning new things and educating yourself along with children.

Human Resource

Human Resource can help you learn about employee relations, including but not limited to negotiations, manage grievances and develop a strategic approach to training, recruitment, analysis and indept knowledge about human resource management.